Wednesday, April 22, 2009

depression is an ocean and my boat has a leak

Im sinking faster then I ever thought I would sink

well considering Jumpercable hasnt practiced in about a month Im into my usual swing of being a recluse. I've needed this time to be alone, get my life and my thoughts straightened out. In some way I regret doing City Never Sleeps and Jumpercable because of it. These two bands kept me active with my friends, kept me hanging out and going out, instead of my normal working out, running, getting in shape and being a hermit. I know its all mental, and some sort of cop-out but its my problem, and I need no interference to stay focused. These bands were fun, but I think I got the crap end of the deal in the long run mentally and physically. This isnt a feel sorry for me post, its an update on why I havent been posting and Im sorry I havent posted more then I should.. been sleeping a whole hell of a lot. I will try to keep posting, who knows this could all blow over and things will be normal tomorrow, this is just how I feel now...see ya

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HeatherFe said...

I used to think taking a break from friends/being hermitish was abnormal and there was something chronically/incurably wrong with me. Then I just gave into it. It's just who I am, sometimes I'm all that I can tolerate or need. As long as you're not piling up newspapers and old banana peels in your house so much that you only have a narrow walkway & too lethargic to wipe your ass then it's fine. But yeh keep up the journal, it makes me laugh when I coop myself up in the house.