Sunday, May 25, 2008


This is a picture of a hole a 11, the course is really looking good and really looking green. Monday will be hell, gonna be busier than a hot slut on hot slutz day.
we put crushed shells on the one side of the rock wall we built, now they want to put shells on the front side too. I think Im going to have to say something cause I think its going to look horrible. Maybe large rocks lining the cartpath, and bunker sand in the middle.
heres a post of the course dog sleeping on a rabbit. The dog would not shut up, the day before I found this thing called Mr Playboy in someones trash.I thought it would be ebay gold... it wasnt. So I saved it, and when the dog was crying I took it out and put it on the ground near it, 2 mins later, it fell asleep.
just needed some fur on fur action

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