Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stephen Altobell [ subway assignment 1990 ]

This VHS ruled. It was shot using a 16mm. He goes into the subway and talks to the people trying to work/beg for money. This guy played bass, sung, played harmonica and played a hi-hat and bass drum
It was done so awesome. I actually liked it so much I called his phone number. Just a shot in the dark, I mean 22 years at the same number? Well he picked up. I let him know how much I enjoyed it. He was kinda blown away that it still existed. I said " just wanted to let you know thats all" and he said " wow, thank you, good karma I guess, ok take care ". He seemed very genuine. I looked up what else hes done, and he did this documentary of Frank Sinatra fans... seriously rules too.. part 2 is my favorite
look him up on IMDB. I guess he added an O to the end of his name. One of the best Goodwill finds ever I think..

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