Thursday, October 21, 2010


My brother and his ex wife bought a dog, they split, she kept the dog, but she didnt have a place to stay. She asked my mom if she could watch the dog while she looked for a new place. This dog never really liked me. So we had problems everyday. She would try and bite me, when I let her outside she wouldnt come back in. Constant problems. Finally we bonded, and we were cool. She treated our house with respect, no peeing on the floor and no shitting in our shoes. I helped my mom watch this dog for about 2 months, it was pretty much the new family dog. Then outta no were, my brothers ex calls and says she wants her dog back because "shes not letting anyone keep her dog that she paid 800$ for". So she comes by and picks up the dog. Lulu is happy to see her old family. The next day my brothers Ex calls and says

"She forced her self out of the metal cage, her face is all cut up, she ate through the TV cord and she took a shit in every room in the house, can you watch her until I figure out what to do"
thats my dog.... my brothers ex couldnt handle Lulu so she gave her away. bummed


HeatherFe said...

So wait did she give back the dog or did she give it away to someone else?

Anonymous said...

I am bummed too.

Jay said...

she gave it away to someone else