Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nov 2nd - Nov 9th Brigantine [Hurricane Sandy]

I got a call thursday night that the island would be open on friday Nov 2nd. I woke up around 7 and drove down the white horse pike towards atlantic city. there was a line of cars from the traffic light at Black Cat all the way to home depot. They had a check point.
Im watching cars getting turned around and being sent back towards absecon. So about 45 mins goes by and its my turn. I say " I work at the golf course in brigantine " I showed him my business card and he said " only residents ". I told him my boss was already there and asked me to come in. He said " I have to check", he walked away and asked some people. Came back and said " Be careful, go ahead ". As I get to the bridge in brigantine theres a line of cars back up to the AC extension. I get to the second check point and say the same thing
they let me through. The first thing that shocked me when I got to work was the water level in the shop
The floors were really bad, but on thursday a coworker came in and mopped the floor. She got rid of most of the mud and crud but didnt move the sofa and chairs becasue she did it in the dark.
I tried to dry out my VHS tapes the best I could...
Our divot pile got washed out on to the course
water level outside was about 3 feet
we had a bridge on 3 wash away

found it on 2 next to the green
the bridge on 8 was dislodged 
a coworker and I cleaned off the 7th tee box
a lot of work
this is how high the bathrooms sit
this is the water level in the bathroom. almost 4 feet
2nd hole we have a boat
and a jet ski
5th tidal drainage line
found this boat on 5
found stuff everywhere
sandy damage covered by the wall.. only if you have the sticker
We lost some of our equipment but the saddest thing is the loss that the residents suffered from the hurricane. We lost things that we use to work, other people lost family pictures, tvs, couches, washer/dryers, refrigerators, everything. I honestly feel bad for the people who lost so much. City of brigantine is doing an amazing job of cleaning the city. This picture was taken in front of the dump in our parking lot.....


Nicole said...

That's so incredible. I'm glad you're okay! Feeling bad for the people who were affected. Take care!!

Jay said...

thank you, hope all is well with you!

cait said...

Jay ur a good man working to put the town back together my moms family lived across from the lions club in a tiny 3 bedroom with 9kids I garentee that house is gone or destroyed now but its awful the homes and precious irreplaceable objects that are gone. I just still can't believed all of this happened

Jay said...

thank you Caitlin, yea it was terrible