Wednesday, July 7, 2010

updated technologies

I got an iPhone.. I dont like using it at work though. I dont want it to get dirty, wet, or scratched and its kinda hard when you're fixing irrigation leaks, watering greens, and dealing with a dirt heavy environment..I was looking for one on ebay but saw that they were going for 250$ to 300 dollars used and in shitty condition. no thanks...but thanks to spencer I got mine for One Hundo doollars. Anyway, the internet rules, but the pictures they take suck, the apps are lame except for the apps like pandora. I dont know, this is a stupid post.. not bragging just saying.

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cantslowdown said...

im all about the incase cases and the no smudge screen protectors because i drop mine all the time like a doofus. a few cool aps.. IMDB is free, and image brighter for making dark crappy pics to light crappy pics.