Sunday, October 14, 2012


took my dog for a walk around the school. I was walking near the dumpster, looked in and saw this sitting on top.
I thought let me just take it home and see if it works, if not, I'll just trash it. Well it works and it rules. This tag was on the back
I wonder if this is the same teacher from back in the early 90s.


steve said...

wow, been a while since i've seen one of those.

cait holmes said...

hi jay sorry this probably seems like stalker style but i realized i had this blog bookmarked from yearrrs ago. but anyway i had a dream about you last night, randomly i have always had dreams about you thru out my life. which is weird because there was only such a short time frame that we were apart of eachothers lives. But I guess you have been influential to me and I think about you every now and then not in exgirlfriend from 15years kind of way but lost friend kind of way. I just was curious to see how you were doing. Me, I'm the modern day Housewife, its funny how your "crafty and diy" when you are young yet so much like martha stewart the older you get. But I'm still living in colorado and am now Caity Holmes lol with 2 under 2 a boy jayden who is so much like me and a girl Bailey who will probably be like me and torment me as a teenager. But is this weird? I just wanna catch up with you and say hi and again like thank you for being cool being cool to my little brother [who by the way has a year and a half old russian daughter princess [yes she is a decendent of royalty] hell even my dad has a 2 year old with his new wife, crazy crazy stuff. Are you still making music? seriously how much would I have to pay for a copy of Jace Ponn the Lost Footage, I would die for some War Sword and crocodile McDundee. So whatever respond if you want if not thats fine like I said had a dream last night we were just hanging out with kids in tow and wanted to say hi.

Jay said...

Hey Caitlin. Great to hear from you, not sure how to get a hold of you, so I hope you see this. Caity Holmes is seriously funny. just about as funny as forest fires in mays landing, " Jace Ponn jumps into that bush " booya... Anyway, my email is if you're interested. I dont write much music anymore but if you're interested the boot militia and numbskulls discography is on this blog. If the link doesnt work I have it hosted somewhere else. The question is are you still writing music? If so I would be interested in hearing anything you're working on. If you're interested, a lot of songs are hosted here. new, old, grimy and disgusting songs (including roar sword) . Its great to hear how well your life is going, Im really happy for you. You deserve your happiness and Im happy you found it. Your two kids are going to grow up loving life and enjoy music I guarantee. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.