Monday, June 3, 2013

3 Dead Storm Chasers in Oklahoma

Im going to sound like a complaining wuss but I dont care. First I'd like to say its sad they lost their lives, thats all Im saying. Im not giving their names because they dont deserve to be named over the 1,000's who were displaced, died or lost someone. Gonna try to make this short and to the point. Fuck these people! They're now doing stories about them on TV. WHY?! There are people who lost their lives, family members, their houses, everything, who didnt put themselves in harms way. Why are we focusing on these 3 people who went out of their way to BE IN the middle of the storm? Their family members and fellow reporters shouldnt act so dramatic when talking about these dead chasers or act like their loss is such a huge tragedy. What about the people who are homeless or lost a loved one, who had no control over the outcome of this situation? The chasers took a gamble, put themselves in the middle of the storm and lost, end of story. Why is time being wasted reporting on them? Ok Im going in circles... Just want to end it with

Sorry they died but Fuck Them
Make the focus about the survivors, the missing, rebuilding and volunteering
Fuck the Media

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