Thursday, August 29, 2013

Attic finds

Rad Radical
Story about this trapper keeper, my brother saved 98$ in 1989. For a kid to save that much money is crazy. One day he put the money in this trapper keeper. I took it to school, when I was in homeroom I found the money. I took it out and said (like an idiot) " Wow my brothers money is in here, I cant believe his money is in here". We left for art class or something and when we came back the money was gone. Nothing was done about it and my brother really wasnt that angry. Later that week a girl in my class had a pencil box, a kid walked by and opened it. Inside were 2 Bubble Tapes that went missing earlier that day. She kept saying she didnt know how they got in there.. to this day I think she stole the money.

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