Tuesday, December 24, 2013


RIP Uncle Kerry. I looked up to him when I was a kid. I would only see him on Christmas but every year I looked forward to the day spent exploring the ocean city boardwalk. We would walk the lifeless boardwalk hearing stories about things he did when he was a kid. At that time you could walk under the boardwalk. He told us stories about finding money and sticking dollars up through the cracks and tricking people. He didnt have a lot of money so the gifts he would give would be something like a vhs from his own collection. Before I would open it, he would tell me the entire plot and all the parts he thought really meant something. He got me Night Of The Living Dead when I was in 6th or 7th grade and talked about how heartless the sheriff was at the end of the movie. I watch it and understand what hes talking about now, but then, just agreed. He had so many conspiracy theories too. In Time magazine there would be ads for alcohol. It would be a picture of a glass of ice with the product next to it. He would have the entire years collection of magazines and hand them out. He would say " Find an alcohol ad and look in the ice, they hide secret messages in the ice. Look for pictures of people or hidden words ". One day he said he found Jesus in the ad. He took it to my moms church, pulled the pastor aside and said " Doesnt this look like our lord and savior". He loved stories and one Christmas we decided we would write a story together. We would write maybe 2 pages and mail them to each other. I remember I started a story and sent it to him. When he wrote back, the entire thing was finished sending me 10 pages. I wish I still had the story, I remember it being hand written on yellow legal paper. It was a bout a girl in a jeep who got stuck in a rundown abandoned church, thats all I remember. Well I dont think anyone cares, so Im going to stop writing.


Harry Hillegass said...

This is Dad, nice story and do care to hear much more. Love ya.

Harry Hillegass said...

Nice story and would like to hear alot more. We leave our memory on people we touch. HKH