Sunday, February 9, 2014

Movie Idea

[quick write]
a young girl
walking home
deer in the road
she looks at the deer
there is beauty
deer is hit by a car
deer slides off the road into the woods
she watches it as it dies
guy gets out of his car screaming about his car
her parents are divorced
dad was a taxidermist only because his wifes father didnt want his daughter in the family trade
father stops after divorce
her dying grandfather wanting the family trade to live on
girl close with grandfather asks to be taught
he explains that girls should have pride in being repulsed
reluctant he teaches
being taught taxidermy
starting with mice, chickens, squirrels, foxes
she finds dead animals [mostly roadkill], never kills
quick learn, disgusted in the trade but never shows her grandfather
mother explains the history and the reason of taxidermy
beauty of nature, turning dead animals into beautifully loved objects
she understands and here pride for the art grows
missing people posters and news reports
walking home
she looks at the dead deer on the side of the road
it was in a different position
she didnt think anything of it
she imagined the work that would have to be done for something that big
she asks to be taught larger animals
grandfather explains how they're harder to find and have to be fresh with in 8 hours of death
people at school start bullying her
calling her a freak, weirdo
she tries to explain why
she starts to feel uncomfortable again
breeding season
october through early january
walking home in icy snow storm mid day
december 20
she walks up on another accident
two women standing outside of the car
packed with gifts
one crying one on the phone talking to her husband
Screaming " it wasnt my would have went off the road... ok fine ::Hangs up:: he wanted me to swerve"
the deer is right off the road
she starts running home
calls her grandfather and lets him know
he picks her up and they head out to the scene
cars being towed off
deer is gone
grandfather says" that happens, a fresh kill is also a meal for some people"
" but this was my chance, it was so perfect"
" we have till january, theres still time, theres still time"
walks home everyday
one day no deer
day two
deer is on the side of the road
she walks over to it
giant cut along its stomach
shes excited and confused
starts running towards home
about 2 miles down the road
another deer on the side of the road
giant cut along its stomach too
:side plot:
serial killer called the Deer Hunter
to get rid of the bodies he chops up arms legs torso and head
places them in the bodies of dead deer or multiple dead deer
the deer carcass rots in the woods or on the side of the road with the human remains in them
people hiking or driving by see the dead deer but think nothing of it

just an idea so far

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Brett said...

Cliffhanger - what happens to the girl?