Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pit Barrel Cooker

This was the first thing we got as a house warming gift and to be honest, it is one of the most devastatingly awesome gifts. Melissa's brother Anthony did a ton of research and liked the story behind the pit barrel cooker.
At first you think you'd need another grill to handle a larger load of bbq cooking, but this handles things pretty well if you plan.
I like the horse shoes as the handles.
Its an all in one grill and smoker.
I wanted to test the grill out before we had our house warming party.
Melissa just bought a slab of beef and we tried it out.
Came out pretty good. I didnt like the Game Rub that came with it so I dont think Ill be using it again.
For the house warming party, I cooked (with some help on the grill) chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs and Ribs. I started the Ribs at 8 am and they were finished at 11:45. Came out perfect
I suggest you invest in one.. Pit Barrel Cooker

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