Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Absecon KFC *CLOSED*

Not really sure when it was shut down, but it was within the past few days. Who liked this KFC? This place was terrible. Some of the worst staff and horrible service. They never failed to forget at least one thing every time I went. A true trash fast food dump. Towards the end they would run out of food. You couldnt order what you wanted, you had to eat what they had left over. I went there maybe once a year (if that), I could care less that its shut down. I took pictures after work today.This picture is from the drive thru window.
it wasnt wiped out, they still had the seats in there.
I saw this note on the window, and at the bottom they had a number, so I called it.

Dude: Hello
Me: Yea Im at the KFC in Absecon, theres a note on the door with this number, I was just wondering what happened.
Dude: Yes we had to close that restaurant
Me: Can I ask why?
Dude: We just couldnt get enough money coming to the restaurant
Me: Oh
Dude: Yes I know its a big impact to the community when a restaurant like this closes, but it had to be done
Me: Oh ok, thanks.

As I was leaving I looked back in the dumpster just to see if I could find any signs, found this
They had this huge KFC bucket out front and it would spin on top of the sign.

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Henry Strawder said...

You want it!

It would look good next to the practice green.