Thursday, August 27, 2015

Two Brigantine Greenheads/Two Frogs

look at the size difference, mutants. They're no joke and fuck honkey's up.

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I'm Offended as a... said...

Dear Jace Ponn,

I don't know if you go by that name anymore but this comment is going to sound like a joke or a prank or something. I promise you it's not.

My name is Micah Messinger. I used to go to your shows at Delarato's when you were in the Numbskulls. I also played there a few times with Kyler George and Matt Riess in the band Dignatude.

I had a dream about the Numbskulls last night and specifically you last night. Again weird since we've never talked and I haven't really thought about the Numbskulls in probably 10 years.

Anyway, I used to listen all the time to the 4 songs I found of yours on (yeah THAT long ago) as Jace Ponn. The songs, "Amanda Strike Anyway Andrews" (whom I knew from Absegami and sat at her lunch table for years), Mic Dundee, Sally and Tommy, and Why Am I so Fat. I loved those songs. Seriously. I listened to them all the time.

So in the dream Jace Ponn came out of retirement and had a new album and did a show at the First Unitarian Church (R5's jawn in Philly obviously) and the Numbskulls opened up and it was AMAZING! I woke up today knowing that if I could find you and tell you you'd get a kick out of it.

Anyway, thank you for providing such a great soundtrack to my youth and if there's a way to get any Numbskulls mp3s it would be awesome to hear them again.

Micah Messinger