Thursday, May 8, 2014

Berlin Market Did Not Buy

5$ still seemed to much

Preparation: Those who think ahead will have the best chance of winning. A large intake of heavily carbonated drinks (i.e. soda pop or beer) in conjunction with a can of baked beans or chili will certainly give you a LEG UP on the other players. Lets face it, whose fart would you rather smell?.... yours or theirs.

Rule 4 : When landing on a square that directs you to fart, you will have 2 minutes to summon up your best effort. The other players will decide what you scored on the fart meter on the gameboard. You will then be awarded the appropriate number of GAS COUPONS. If you cant create a real fart, we have included suggestions on how to make one artificially. As a last resort we have included a whoopie cushion for those who are truly incompetent.

Rule 5: Winning the game is done one of two ways
   1.) Be the first person to score 25 gas coupons
   2.) Let rip with such a powerful fart that you clear the whole room. This is known as the " coming from behind method"
Theres going to be some jealousy at Youngs Skating Center

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