Friday, May 30, 2014

Old Tour Flyer 1998

we played one show on the "tour" and stopped. the band broke up a few days later, I joined The Numbskulls later that summer. I just remember in the middle of our set, Ike (guitar player) took out a tuning fork and kept putting it up to the strings. He wouldnt stop, he just kept shaking his head and saying he was embarrassed of our performance. We tried to continue but Ike just wanted to stop. When he finally put his tuning fork away people clapped and a woman yelled "that was scary". We finished with our closer song "The Charlie Chaplin Mob Theme". At the end of the song there was an odd timing part I messed up on because I was joking around. The drummer got so furious, he started packing up his drums and didnt finish the song. It was an experiance

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