Sunday, March 22, 2015


So I went with Nieves and her brother Josh.
I tried maybe 4 beers, I only liked one and it was the first one we tried. Palm, something, Im not sure. Spencers boy Brian Mcgee was playing there and had a good amount of people watching him. 
To be honest he was better than the headlining band Lucero. They played for over an hour and were just annoying. Nieves sisters company Spa Solo was there and doing some serious business. Josh and I walked around handing out brochures letting people know about their deal.
he walked right up to people and had no issue talking and giving them the brochure. I only talked to people I wasnt intimidated by, like an indian guy, an old cowboy looking guy and groups of 50 year old women. Nieves stayed by the booth and got people by pretending to be interested in a massage and asking questions. She got a confirmed 4, I dont know if we got any with our method. There was a place called Bacon Bites Inc. Im not a super fan of the bacon craze but I still wanted to try it. Peanut Butter Chocolate Covered Bacon.
Meh, waay to rich. I had a great time with Nieves, Josh, Sara and Joanna but the beer scene is just not my scene... plus I was driving so I couldnt get crunked.

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