Sunday, March 22, 2015

Doyelstown PA -Siren Records- No Summer/Two Houses

Drove up to see Spencer play last friday. It was last min and Spencer told me not to drive up. Im glad I did. Brooke asked if I was still going and that she was down to go with, so I picked her up and we were off.  iMaps or whatever the hell its called is complete shit. It took us on the horrible drive but we made it.
We found parking and walked over to the venue. Kids sitting outside, I thought they were waiting to get in. I asked if they were waiting and they said no. I walked in and Spencer was just starting a song. He was playing without a band, the drummer was there but running the merch table. He said the bass player didnt want to drive in the snow. 
after that song he said "ok this is my last song",...2 hour drive for 2 songs... it was worth it just to support him, plus he did a really great job and put on a boss show. Nieves said she wanted a record so I got her one and let her know. She texted me "I hope he signs it", so I asked Spencer and he obliged. 
It was a good time seeing everyone and seeing Spencer play. Brooke got a record too but I think she got hers for free...lame.... its all about supporting the scene!

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