Sunday, March 22, 2015

Henris Hotts Barbeque/ Ideal Antique

Went to the Henris Hotts sunday BBQ Buffet last sunday with Steve and Lisa, I bought a shirt.

Ive eaten here before and thought it was good. When I went last Sunday, Good would seem like a disrespectful comment. The food was absolutely amazing. I wouldnt think that a BBQ buffet would be filled with high quality, delicious tasting food. I went up twice and I felt I got my $15 dollars worth. They have everything you would want at a BBQ. Every sunday they have it.. I think the trip will be done quite a few times this year with Nieves, friends and family.
We also stopped by the closed Ideal prom dress store because its now an Antique store.. its pretty boss too.
Old zippos, lighters

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