Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2 Boot Militia 7inches on Ebay

First I want to say I think this is awesome, that someone in japan actually got a hold of our self released 7inch. The cool thing about the red vinyl 7inch is that the label never does split releases, but he liked our band so much he made an exception. We're the only split 7inch on DIM Records (Templars). DIM is a huge Oi!/Street Punk label in Germany, he loved our 7inch asked if he could have 200, we only had 150 left, he took them all, sold them on his site and to distributors. In return for giving him the records, he released our next release " Bare Knuckle Oi!" that was a split with The Siege. I still think its awesome. Also found our really really REALLY shitty demo we recorded in 99'. We played together for about 2 weeks, I wrote all the music, and we went into the studio with a drummer who was just learning how to play. Sorry for these sloppy tunes.

3 songs from: Boot Militia- Sound Of the Streets Demo 99'

wow, found some old reviews:
Demo review
BOOT MILITIA are a new skinhead band from Washington DC who just released a 5-song demo. They've got a typical US Oi-core sound, which is pretty rare these days. The recording quality could be better, it the tape is an excellent introduction to the band. If you're interested in a copy of the demo or want more info on the band, contact or check out

7inch review
, the Washington-based skinhead band which we mentioned a couple of months ago regarding the demo they had put out, have now released a 4-song 7". The first song is a cover - with changed lyrics - of "Pulling on the boots", known from the Romper Stomper soundtrack. Then you get a slower song, a tribute to Vietnam Veterans. Side B is a lot more powerful again with faster and angrier songs and the last one "Menace to sobriety" kicks ass! There were 500 copies pressed, 400 on black vinyl and 100 limited to WHITE vinyl. Available for $4 (USA), and $5 (R.O.W.) from the band at Adam G., 1900 F. Street NW Room #408, Washington DC 20006, U.S.A. or from Vulture Rock.

(They think we're from washington cause our singer was in school down there while we were playing, and he had all the merch and made all the connections from his dorm)

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