Thursday, July 10, 2008

not a fun w(L)ee(a)k.

So far this week I've fixed one leak a day, and on tuesday I fixed two. This leak today was the mother of all mothers. Not only was it a T, Not only did it have a million wires we had to watch out for while digging, Not only was it right off a main line shut off box, it was also UNDER THE CART PATH. After sledging the asphalt away we start digging. We clear it out, get all the wires exposed so we dont hit them. Then something neat happened, we started putting it together I noticed the pipe from the main shut off valve was loose, I shook it, and It came right out... how that wasnt leaking, I'll never know. When I tried to put the pipe back in, it was higher then the other pipes. It was loose so it could be angled down towards the other two lower pipes, who would be so lazy (besides myself) to do that, and have the risk of it leaking?. So we had to take two 22 degree elbows to get the angel level with the other pipes. It worked out fine.. but man... talk about suck-fest 08

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