Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturdays (why Im lame)

On saturday at my job I come into work early and cut greens, when Im done greens I check on the workers progress, then I come back to the shop and read blogs..LOSER! I read three blogs

FirstOffDecals Blog
Kali Fontecchio Blog
John K Blog

Gee town got me in to the two artist blogs, and I really enjoy how they analyze older drawings, and update their own. Im not a prolific artist, but I respect the art, of art. So I checked the blogs like I always do, no update from firstoff, john K update was really good talking about storyboards and how to make them, and the Kali blog had an update of some new drawings, and her new hairstyle. There is something about this girl, and her art... both are amazing

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