Monday, July 21, 2008

Jumpercable in the works

Jumpercable/Hoodratz split 7inch (100%confirmed)
Jumperbeds/Deathcable split 7inch (75% confirmed)
Jumpercable/Mad Splatter Halloween split 7inch (50% confirmed)

we're looking to go back into the studio in early August with Claycreek again to record the hoodratz split, I think we might goto Red Planet to record the Deathbeds split, and the Mad Splatter split is either going to be Gradwell House or Claycreek. Im kinda souped for the Hoodratz and Deathbeds split, we wrote a doom song for the deathbeds split and I think its gnarly. We're going to try to fit 4 to 5 songs on the hoodratz split, I hope they will fit, they're hot hype songs. Well thats it, looking for a place to press shirts while Bowes is away, but you cant get the quality, or size of print like he does... stinks he wont be back till october.

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