Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gifts I got that blew my mind

Voice recorder from Cooper, awesome gift, for recording songs or ideas. USB built in, seriously rules.
I never saw the movie Fat Camp before, but it was on TV and I caught about 10 mins of it. The one kid is on the phone and hes wearing a Fire Marshall Bill shirt. I was telling Spencer about it, how the shirt was so ridiculus and he fucking got me a Fire Marshall Bill Shirt. Awesome gift
Thank you to Shannon Dorsey for the Madballs bat, I cant find any information about it anywhere. Seriously blew my mind, really righteous gift.
This is amazing. This is the entire Brainscan Press Kit. It talks about the soundtrack, what songs are going to be the single, the actors and the synopsis of the entire movie. Thank you Spencer
Hands down an amazing gift. This gift was really from her heart and I feel so bad for getting her a joke gift... thank you so much Colleen you are awesome...


Jeremy Toaster said...

The Madballs bat is from 2010 licensed by KELLY TOYS. They made a Bat and a Hockey stick with a SOFT puck and SOFT madball, that is stitched like the bat.

Jay said...

Jeremy, thanks for the heads up!

Jonathan Walker said...

Have you still got the bat ill buy it??