Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anal Hawk

Back in the day during the time of grindcore greats like Anal Cunt, Ass Fort, Spazz and Assuck, Art and I tried our hands at making a fake grindcore band. Our band consisted of:

Me: Piano\Vocals
Art: Drums

We made 3 songs that were kinda funny, and we recorded them terribly with windows sound recorder. We were trying to be a "different style" of grindcore. This was recorded christmas of 98', played on an out of tune piano, and a really cheap drum set that only had a snare, bass drum, and splash cymbal. This is only 1 track off the 3 song demo Hawk - Track 2

we also hand made our merch, we made 3 hand drawn tshirts and 3 hand drawn ties. We thought people would like it if they thought we were japanese, so the shirts had Japanese writing on it that said " I have gas".

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