Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Golf Convention

The convention is normal... boring. Some speakers talked about some things that were really interesting like dollar spot and ice/slush/snow on greens.
They had free lunch and dinner on the trade floor today, it was pretty boss. Today some guy who wrote a book about some scottish father and son golfers talked today.he pretty much just gave us a synopsis of the entire book, and it was stupid. got him. Honestly had nothing to do with why we were there, he was only there to plug his lame ass book. Stupid. At the last convention I saw thesethe other day I tried to buy one. The women told me I buy the box, then they ship the steak to me in the mail... sounds like a deal. lies. The rain this morning fucked the waves.. they were as choppy as a hibachi chef on crack and speed and meth and cocaine... stupid.
and there were a lot of cats on the beach can see the black one to the left of the light. Me and the boss went down to hit the roulette table after the lunch. I won 160$ he won 60$... we walked. Last day is tomorrow.. then back to work.


HeatherFe said...

I wanna try roulette again, but this time with Xanax. Maybe it'll keep me from turning into a giant baby.

Jay said...

we should most def do it again, but I wont be such a pushy asshole this time.. plus its not summer, so no one will be there