Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Seinfeld- The Dog

Kramer: I went back with Ellen.

Jerry and Elaine: Ohhhhh, that's great.

Elaine: Terrific.

Jerry: Yeah, I really think you guys are good together.

Elaine: Yes, she understands you and she is not demanding.

Kramer: Do you think that I forgot what you two said about her?

Jerry: I was just trying to be supportive, you know. I knew you were upset.

Kramer: From now on when we pass each other in the hall, I don't know you, you
don't know me.

Elaine: Oh, Kramer, we didn't mean it.

Jerry: Kramer? What did we say that's so bad?

Elaine: I believe I referred to her personality as a potential science exhibit.

Jerry: I said, "How come no one's killed her?" Probably shouldn't have said anything

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