Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friday Night

Well it was a night full of kids that looked like they were 14 and 50% of IDs that were from CaliforniaI caught about 4 or 5 kids pretty easily

kid: Are you checking IDs
me: Yes
kid: Ok
hands ID to me
me: Ok, when were you born?
kid: 1988
me: No, what day, what month
kid: aahh April?
me: Ok, what day
kid: aaahhh 10th?
me: Sooo close, you're not drinking tonight.

only one kid got rowdy, and it was a drunk girl screaming at me to call the police to ask them how old she was... made no sense. There was about 80 to 100 kids and they came from PA on 2 all you can drink party buses. They were wasted before they got in the door. They had a DJ, and he played that Miley Cyrus song "Party in the USA". Girls and Guys ran to the dance floor and started grinding each other very raunchy. Not MTVs the grind styleGrinding like this To fucking Miley Cyrus?! Anyway.. it was lame, I didnt get done untill 2:35 or something like that.. meh.. who cares..

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