Monday, December 21, 2009

Beachcomber SHORE MALL

Went to the shore mall yesterday with with Art, Paj and Joel. Christmas shopping style... the mall was kinda dead, but had a few humans still in there. We decided to stop at beachcomber to look at the conveying card racks, old mad magazines, beavis and butthead comics, shitty train sets, football team blankets, ren and stimpy comics, baseball team posters and over priced nazi memorabilia. I found this unopened pack of All My Children trading cards
Should have bought them. They have a comic series called Female Force I guess.. I didnt see what issue it was, but heres the Condoleezza Rice comic.
Went to the back to where they have trash, and I found this mad magazine. Look at what shows they were dissing
Doogie Howser and Empty Nest... both shows I watched.. a lot. Empty Nest had a pretty good theme song.

rules. Well thats it, we ate at TGIFridays and it was pretty good.

yea I saw that movie back to the future 2, the legend of curlys gold

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