Monday, December 28, 2009

Xbox Live

I dont use a mic cause I think its lame enough that Im playing COD MW2, but to be talking with herbs while playing I just think is over the top. Well this kid came in the pre-game lobby yesterday, I say from the age of 17-20 and he just kept saying "Allllvin". I thought it was funny. He got in an argument with some redneck guy, and the redneck guy kept saying "look at my myspace". Im sure people have better stories than that. If you have a good xbox live story.. post it. why did I post this? stupid

my xbox name is: GetBentRoyally

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Cooper said...

Bought forza motorsport 2, if you think MW2 players are nerds, then definitely buy this game and play online. Rednecks and even bigger mega car nerds than me. I bought the shittest cars made them fast, they'd make fun of me before the game started, I'd beat em, they'd cry. That got boring so then I started to join the serious dude races and go the opposite way on the track taking out people. So much fun even for people who hate racing games.