Saturday, December 20, 2008

Addiction [The Card Game]

Tried to find an explanation of the game on the internet, but was unsuccessful. So I have to write it out

its a 2-4 player game.
you are dealt three cards face down, you are not aloud to look at the cards ever.
then you are dealt 6 cards, these you can look at
2s and 10s are like the wild cards. 10 clears the pot, and 2 changes the suit.
for example:
someone throws down an Ace and all you have is two 3s and a 2.
you can throw the 2 down and place your 3s on top.
if someone throws an Ace down on top of a pile of really crappy cards ( 4s, 3s, 5s), and all you have is a 10 and two 4s
you can throw the 10 down and clear the pot of crappy cards, and make the cards unplayable.
you then place three of your best cards facing up on top of the cards faced down. you cannot touch these cards till the pile of cards are used up.
You must always have a minimum of three cards in your hand.
so when you throw a card down, you must take one from the stack of cards
whoever has the lowest card goes first.
The next person must beat the card with a higher number or the same number.
If someone puts the same number card down, it skips the next person. if you are playing one on one the person who put the card on top of the same card gets another turn.

if they throw a 3, then you throw a 3, its skips them, and comes back to you.
If someone throws down three 4's and you have the other 4, you can clear the pot of cards as well. But you can only clear the cards when the cards number comes up.


if they throw down a 6 and you have four 3s the cards cannot be cleared till they pick up the pot, or you clear the pot.

If you cannot beat the card that is thrown down, you must pick up the pot of cards. You do not pick up a card from the stack until you are down to two cards in your hand.

when the stack of cards is done, and there are no more to take, then you use the cards faced up. When these cards are done, you have to blindly flip the cards faced down.

Sometimes the other person will throw a 5 and you blindly flip a 3 and have to pick up.. it sucks!

the game is alot of fun! and is addicting. I wrote this cause Im waiting for my phone to charge, and Im a loser.. I hope this make sense, if not.. meh


newbeardoo said...

ever play that card game spit, i used to really like that one. as far as lurking its all fine, i lurk really bad.

HeatherFe said...

reading directions is the opposite of playing games. soon i wanna have an old person dinner party of playing card games and drinking side cars. you can teach me and i'll make you tap water w/a twist.