Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bipolar Bear/Shirts

I have nothing important to post. Getting the shirts last night was alot of fun, I wasnt tired when I rolled home at 12:30 in the morning/night... whatever. Saw john bowes new print shop, and it is fucking awesome. He can print on sleeves and do zipup hoodies now. He now has to rent out 3 rooms at this practice area for CDC and Cold Cuts Clothing cause his business is boombastic. The old CDC practice area didnt have that many funny things on the wall.. with those dudes being so rebellious and outrageous I thought there would be funnier things. I was wrong. I thought these two things were pretty funny though.
princess Diana (I'm dead), spelled wrong but I got the idea.The fact he wrote that ray cappo said it I thought it was funny. I got some shirts made up, for a test run to see how it would look. I think they came out pretty good, its not the exact colors of the design for the shirt, but its a test press, we'll get the real ones made up when we all through up some money. Whatever, Im givng them away, if anyone wants one, hurry, white long sleeves
9 s
11 m
9 l
4 xl
2 xxl
Im not shipping them, we'll meet up and eat and exchange.


bex said...

i still need my shirt from october dude :)

First Off Decal Co. said...

i need one. xl.