Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Camp

A Camp
Rapidshare format mp3

1. Frequent Flyer
2. I Can Buy You
3. Angel of Sadness
4. Such a Bad Comedown
5. Song for the Leftovers
6. Walking the Cow - A Camp, Johnston, Daniel
7. Hard As a Stone
8. Algebra
9. Silent Night - A Camp, Gruber, Franz
10. The Same Old Song
11. The Oddness of the Lord
12. Rock 'N' Roll Ghost - A Camp, Westernberg
13. The Bluest Eyes in Texas - A Camp, Stephenson, Van
14. Elephant

This album rules, hands down. Depressing, solo release from the singer of the Cardigans. Bought this album a few years ago, thank the lord I didnt have to pay for the import cost. But if you end up buying this CD the import fee costs as much as Blink 182s Enema of the State.

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