Monday, December 22, 2008

So lame, so lame, so lame

Comp is royally fucked. Im talking has a crown and everything. The thing that sucked is I lost everything, all the songs I made, and the new stuff I was writing for my new book. The explorer is fucked, it just loads to the desktop image and thats it. Last night I spent trying to remember all the stuff I had written and hand wrote out what I remembered. The new book Im doing is more about writing and not so much about pictures and stuff like that.. so you might not enjoy it. Im also doing it with a fellow blogger/bandmate. I enjoy the way he writes alot, and I think if we split the book (he does 75 pages I do 75 pages) it would make it worth the buy. Hell they have split CDs and split records, why not a split book. I want him to do the artwork too for the front and back cover, just cause hes got mad skillz. Well whatever.. looks like late nights at work writing the new book. LAME

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