Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'd need to sell grass to get an education on grass

In the words of Lars Ulrich... Fuck. I didnt get the loan for my schooling. In some way Im super relieved. I was not ready at all to hang and bang with the nappy headed hoes of the rutgers university. I saved up 1,000$ to save my seat, and that took a long time. She said my seat will be waiting for me next year. I suck with money/life/relationships/diets/ that pretty much nails it right in (eh). The bosses understand that I wasnt prepaired and arent mad at me, thats about the only plus. My goal for this year is move to Alaska. I know it sounds off the wall and fucking stupid, but they have shitty jobs that pay well for overtime and stuff. I just need to get my new jersey foot in any Alaskan businesses door. I dont want to die here. Id rather die by a bear attack then stay here and die young from two heart surgeries, and a failed gastric bypass. In realtiy, thats my future in NJ. I suck, I dont like talking to people about my problems, so here I am, a 15 year old outcast girl writing in her journal.

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HeatherFe said...

First off you'd be way more depressed in Alaska. More seasonal depression, Palin, way more alcoholics, and a lotta stuff is overpriced because of shipping. That and I'll miss you so I'll say just about anything to convince you that it's a frozen wasteland. Don't worry Jay.. life is supposed to be miserable, you're on the right track.

I think you invest that $1000 in lotto tickets or Walmart stock.