Monday, December 8, 2008

Balance And Composure- I Just Want To Be Pure EP

Balance & Composure - I Just Want To Be Pure EP
[MegaUpload] Format MP3 self release?

1. I just want to be pure
2. Weak man, Weak boy
3. Alone for now
4. Waiting, thinking, giving up
5. Pull of the ground
6. Chapter 20

really catchy, depressing music along the lines of get up kids, and weezer. I really enjoy this release, every song has a catchy hook, or a catchy melody. If I had money I would press and release this for them.


First Off Decal Co. said...

i need a rapidshare password. give me one. i have found sites with tons of porn. but you need a password. f-

donald said...

i fucking love this.

Anonymous said...

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