Sunday, December 21, 2008

Surfing For Society-SURF MOSH DEMO
Surfing For Society-Surf Mosh Demo
[rapidshare] format mp3

1. Surfin 1:00
2. Ice Cream 1:00
3. Kurt The Hobo :55
4. Past the Breakers 1:00
This was a joke band I did with a good friend of mine. I think we all went out to Sharon Zhengs or something and after we ate, Shawn, Borna, Reed and myself went back to Reeds crib to chill. I told him how headphones could double as a microphone, and we should make a fake band. I got on his keyboard and put the drum setting on. He was just coming up with riff after riff, and I just sang what ever came out, nothing was written down. Every song is a minute cause he only had the sound recorder as a recording program. We said we should do a surf mosh band cause we never heard of one, even though the music we made was more Surf Rock. The whole idea was to make up fake inside jokes before we started playing, so people listening would say, what the hell does that mean. for example

" I get drums "

we didn't care about the music or lyrics at all, it was all about the inside jokes. Im going to write out all the lyrics too, so if people want to know them, here they are.

1 and a 2 and a Tank and a Surf
All my friends are down at the shore
got our boards and we're going surfing
We are on the beach and the sand is hot
you know what we're gonna do, we're gonna smoke some pot
then we're going to a party and we'll bake it down
Rip Curl outta Town

2. Ice Cream
Going surfing is really cool
cause the girls are outside
and they dress like fools
but they're mostly like ice cream
mint chocolate chip thats my dream
Girls are like ice cream, they're really cool
Girls are like ice cream, they're like mint

3. Kurt The Hobo
Walking down the street my feet hurt
surfing all day with my friend Kurt
He had one problem joe didnt know
that he smelled like a stupid hobo
He doesnt take a shower anymore
cause he goes out with ava adore
and you know
that his name
should be

4. Past The Breakers
Surf Mosh
Swimming in the ocean
dolphins flying by
fish say how are you doing
Lifegaurds cant see you past the breakers


First Off Decal Co. said...


This was the same night that "Stephen" happened.

wai guo ren said...

despite having listened to this, um, album, more than 350 times in my life. I still never knew what some of these lyrics were...