Sunday, December 7, 2008

Skycamefalling - to forever embrace the sun

This used to be my jam of this genre back in the day, along with
40daysrain-Temptation of our own demise
poison the well- the opposite of december
In no way am I changing up the format of the blizog, but recently I just got a cheap 6th gen video 80 gb ipod[bragstyle]. I've been looking to put as much music as possible on it, and I found this. I think I will post gnar old albums I used to like on here, nothing zany. If you havent heard this, get bent. Every song on this release was awesome. good idea or bad idea to do this? gimme some feedback.
SkycameFalling- To Forever Embrace The Sun
[RS] File:WMA Ferret Records

1. A penny for your confessions
2. Of adornment and disgust
3. Shroud of turin
4. Visceral
5. The fall of Cain's countenance
6. Annulment

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First Off Decal Co. said...

what about behind the shadows?