Saturday, December 6, 2008

Slice of(fspring) Americana

So I was on some other blog, and they had a mediafire/rapidshare/megaupload download for The Offspring CD Americana. I checked the tracks on it, and saw that it was their "crossover" album with Pretty Fly (for a white guy) on it. I checked the rest of the tracks to see if I could remember any other hot singles. Shes Got Issues, was the one that stuck out in my head. I remember that video being one of the first Making The Video that MTV used to do. I also remembered that there was a fucking major fox in the video too. So I youtubed it and watched it. I forgot they used all these lame ass cartoon graphics in it to "spice it up".As Im watching I keep saying, damn that girl looks really really familiar. Then I realize its Zooey Deschanel from Almost Famous, and Elf.I thought it was Nutz, no way would she do something like this. I checked her IMDB and sure enough at the very bottom it was there. She was 19. You're all welcome for that knowledge.

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bex said...

have you heard anything from she & him?
it's pretty decent.